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Signature ProX PP Luggage


  • Latest yet strongest design
  • TSA-Approved Lock
  • Telescopic Handle
  • 360° Silent Wheel System
  • Interior Design
  • Expandable Feature with Anti Theft Zip
  • Polypropylene
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ProX is our latest yet strongest design.
This fresh line is highly recommended that presenting the new combination of polypropylene material and business style luggage. Among the market choices, Case Valker offers travelers a new modern design choice. Polypropylene is the versatile material that the shell is impeccably crafted with the delicate grooves, matt and shiny accent parts to show the luxurious touch. Its streamlined and boxy shape, neat interior with multi-pockets to maximize the capacity and packing flexibility. Our glorious design enriches the premium look also with water repellent function. Moreover, integrated TSA recessed combination-lock, external trolley and high maneuverable 4 X 360° silent wheel. ProX is the modern contemporary design, light weight, strong and durable for frequent business traveling.

TSA-Approved Lock
Our suitcases feature TSA-approved locks that can be opened by security during airline baggage checks without causing any damage.

Telescopic Handle
Our handle engineered to offer seamless stage-free adjustment for maximum comfort and smooth manoeuvrability.

360° Silent Wheel System
Pioneered by Case Valker, this high-end wheel system guarantees stable and effortless steering thanks to ball-bearing mounted wheels with cushioned axels.

Interior Design
Packed items are kept in perfect order during transit with our Flexible Strap and Multi Compartment Divider, which can be adapted to suit your belongings.

Expandable Feature with Anti Theft Zip
Able to expand to increase ProX capacity

One of the most popular hardside luggage materials, it is so with good reason. It is near enough impossible to break…take a hammer to it and it simply bounces off…some people have taken a shotgun to it with little success.

The reason it is perfect for luggage is that it can be formed in a variety of shapes and it remains flexible. It is this flexibility which means it can be drooped from height or have heavy weights placed on it without breaking.

It is a very lightweight material and incredibly strong. It can be shaped in a number of designs and textures which also make for more a stylistic, attractive luggage design.

It also naturally offers protection against ultra violet light which means better color protection. They also scratch much less than other materials and dents can simply be pushed back out.

Put simply, this is an excellent, durable and strong material that is perfect for hardside luggage.

20"(inches) -- ± 39cm(L) X 23cm(W) X 56cm(H)
24"(inches) -- ± 46cm(L) X 26cm(W) X 66cm(H)
28"(inches) -- ± 52cm(L) X 30cm(W) X 78cm(H)

20"(inches) -- ± 2.6kg
24"(inches) -- ± 3.1kg
28"(inches) -- ± 4.1kg
20"+24"+28"(inches) -- ± 9.8kg

Warranty by Case Valker
5 years shell crack warranty and 2 years parts warranty (Handle, Lock, Zip, Wheel) upon manufacturing defect from date of receive.